Pricing & Plans

Fitness Training with Carrie A Groff | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

Single or Partner Personal Training Sessions

This is an hourly workout that can be tailored to meet your needs.

After a thorough fitness assessment and discussion of any medical issues we will come up with a plan to meet your goals. The site can be at your house, your place of business, or weather permitting, outside. We can meet once a week or three times a week.

We focus on your goals, whether it is losing weight, improving cardio-respiratory fitness, building muscle, tone and tighten, or some of each.

All fitness levels are encouraged.

Cost: $50 per 1 hour session

If you book a monthly plan of 3-days per week (12 sessions a month) the price goes down to $45 per session paid upfront. 

img_0310Walking Workouts (weather permitting)

Consists of walking 1.2 miles around the Heart of Lancaster Hospital in Lititz, and stopping at different places along the way to do body weight exercises pertaining to your fitness level. At the end of the workout we finish up with some yoga stretching in the grass to increase flexibility, mobility, and prevent injuries.

Cost: $20 to go through the workout once (takes about 20-30 mins)

            $30 to go through the workout twice (takes about 40-50 mins)

Special: Bring a friend with you and take $5 off for both of you.

HIIT Walking Workout (weather permitting)

Consists of walking 1.2 miles around the Heart of Lancaster Hospital in Lititz, and finishing at the end with a 20 minute HIIT workout in the grass. High Intensity Interval Training is a way to increase calorie burn in a smaller amount of time. This can be adapted for all fitness levels.

Cost: $50

Special: Make it a partner workout and you and your friend both get $5 off.



Because I train clients in their homes instead of a gym and bring all fitness equipment and tools to the clients’ home, I must limit my work zone to a 10 mile radius from my home in Lititz, PA. If you live outside the 10 mile radius there will be a $5 per hour charge added to your session to cover the cost of gas and wear & tear on my vehicle. If you would prefer to meet at a local park within my 10 mile work zone to avoid this extra cost, please let me know.

If you need to make monthly payments we can arrange that.

Contact me with any questions or for more information: