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My name is Carrie A Groff. I started this blog to share my journey of eating healthy, using natural and organic products, eliminating nutritional deficiencies, aiding the body in the healing process using essential oils, getting rid of toxic products from the home, exercising and balancing all of that with the challenges of life! I’m a personal trainer with NCCPT/ISSA who loves strength training, self-taught yoga addict, coffee connoisseur, daily essential oils user, beach bum daydreamer, and healthy living advocate. I’m constantly learning and teaching myself to live a healthy life and share that information with everyone I can.

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I’m a certified nutritionist with ISSA and am constantly learning about natural and organic food, nutrition, products, & eating healthy. Everyone’s definition of being healthy and fit is completely different and I love that! There is so much information out on the ‘World Wide Web’ that it can be overwhelming. I love sharing what I learn with my friends & family, helping them achieve whatever health goals they want to reach. Every body is different and unique. I don’t follow a Paleo or Clean Eating lifestyle…I choose and eat healthy foods that are right for my body. Sometimes I make Paleo recipes or Clean Eating recipes but I do not strictly follow any type of ‘diet” lifestyle. I choose to eat as much organic as possible and limit sugar, dairy and wheat. Nutrition is super important to how our bodies function, and even if we eat healthy, we simply can NOT get all the nutrition we need from food alone. With, food and environmental toxins, soil & water depletion, pesticides, exercise & even lack of calories, leads to nutritional deficiencies.

I have never been to a gym. I workout in the comfort of my home, go for walks, hike and occasionally roller skating with my grandpa! I love teaching and training others to learn how to workout in their homes so they can cut out the excuses and see how simple it is to fit exercise into their daily lives.


My husband is a picky eater so I am always having fun finding healthy and simple recipes that taste good so he will eat them. If he gets a craving for processed grocery store brand chocolate chip cookies, I find a healthier version to make and play around with it until it tastes good to him. It’s fun experimenting.

I also have fun doing product reviews on natural, organic and eco-friendly products. I watch all ingredients in my products avoiding sugar, artificial flavors, “natural flavors”, HFCS, whole grain anything, wheat, and anything else that is processed. I live by the 80/20 rule and am by no means perfect! Life is a constant learning process and I love a good craft beer or glass of red wine.

I would love to review any products that are natural & organic. Feel free to contact me to review your products on my blog and other social med7720477f-b467-4584-aaa8-30607a93f0d8_1_201_a
ia channels.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and will follow along and share your experiences with me! Follow me on Instagram for fun yoga challenges & HIIT
workouts. Follow my Facebook page for healthy eating, living, & fitness tips. I also share healthy recipes, essential oil tips and so much more on Pinterest as well! You can also reach me on  LinkedIn!

Stay Healthy my Friends!

“Happiness is Barefoot on the Beach”

Carrie A Groff

123FRÉ Skincare Ambassador | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
Skincare for women who sweat! Use code: CARRIEG for 15% off

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