My Favorite Products

These are some of my favorite products that I use to live a healthy and fit life.

Disclaimer: These links are affiliate links, so if you decide to click on a link and make a purchase I will make a small commission. I only share product links that I personally use and recommend.

Joy Organics CBD

Joy organics CBD products are all organic and are of the highest quality. I love the mint tincture!

FRÉ Skincare

Fré Skincare is skincare made for women who sweat! I use their cleanser, serum and night cream daily. In the summer time I also use I AM JOY and I AM LOVE. I also use their DETOX ME mask 2x a week.

This 100% natural set is one of my favorites! Add on the Detox Me mask and your good to go!

Life & Apples

I love Life & Apples Wellness planner. Its a total health and wellness planner that lets you track your activity, sleep, water, and meal plan. Plus you can write down your daily gratitude and any other notes you want. It’s the best planner for tracking all your health habits. Use code: CARRIEFIT to save 15%

Code: CARRIEFIT for 15% off

FNX Pre-Workout & Whey Protein

FNX supplements are top quality and taste great! I take their pre-workout on workout days (Blackberry Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade are my fave!!) and use their Peanut Butter Cup protein in my protein shakes. Blueberry Restart protein is delicious in protein pancakes too! If you’re looking for a great tasting greens drink, I love their Rebalance Unicorn greens. Use my ambassador code: CARRIEFIT for 20% off your order.

Xpand Laces

Xpand laces are my fave shoe laces because once you put them in your shoes you never have to tie or un-tie your shoes again! I never like to tie or un-tie my shoes and the laces get in the way, but not anymore with Xpand Laces! I put these in as many of my sneakers as I can! They come in a wide range of fun colors too! Use my ambassador code: CARRIEFIT for a discount.

CBD Medic

CBD Medic (now found on Charlotte’s Web) is my favorite CBD muscle balm and joint spray. Anytime I have sore muscles or joints I use these products to give my body relief almost instantly! My clients love the convenient sport stick too!

Ice Shaker

This stainless steel shaker bottle is the best! I’ve had my share of plastic shaker bottles over the years and I’m so glad I never have to use a plastic one again! This is seriously the last shaker bottle you will ever need!

SporeLife Sciences

SporeLife Sciences mushroom supplements are a convenient and healthy way to use the functional power of mushrooms to supercharge your health! Use my ambassador code: CARRIEFIT20 for 20% off your order. I get the Metabolic supplement delivered to my door on a monthly basis with their convenient subscription plan.

Driftaway Coffee

If you know me or have followed me on social media, you know I LOVE my morning coffee. Driftaway Coffee is such a unique company because you can get a mystery explorer kit with 5 different coffees to sample (which you can do a virtual coffee tasting with a barista!) to find out the coffee that you prefer. Driftaway uses compostable coffee bags, and gives fair and transparent farmer prices. They also try to get organic and bird-friendly coffee’s but not all small coffee farmers can afford the organic labeling. For every pound of coffee roasted, they donate $0.5 cents to World Coffee Research. Fresh roasted from Brooklyn and shipped within 24 hours of roasting.

ProSource Fitness

I’ve been buying and using ProSource Fitness products for quite some time and I’ve never received a piece of fitness equipment I didn’t love! From their dip station to their core sliders, weighted vests, fabric loop resistance bands (aka booty bands) and pull-up bars they have something for everyone! No matter what your fitness goals or level is, you can find something to help you reach your goals at ProSource. I recommend their products to all my clients! Use my discount code: CARRIE10 for 10% off your first order.

Ashwagandha Supplement

I take Ashwagandha every day to help support my mood, stress, brain function, sleep quality and energy & athletic performance. Try it out and use code: CARG20 for 20% off.

MXDeals Wedge Pillow

I love my beautiful yellow wedge pillow from MXDeals! Not only does it provide a beautiful pop of bold color in my bedroom but it’s fabulous for lounging and great for alleviating back and hip pain. Since it is a triangular shape pillow it can keep certain parts of your body elevated (like your knees to provide relief to your lower back). As a result, it helps alleviate certain medical conditions such as snoring or acid reflux. Moreover, pregnant women might find the much-needed support with wedge pillows. Wedge pillows are also called wedge cushions. You can sit and watch T.V. or read a book leaning against it. Check out my YouTube video review of this beautiful pillow.