Online Programs

Not everyone can afford my in-person or virtual 1-on-1 training sessions, so I’ve created a few online programs to help you reach your goals at more affordable costs for every budget.

Online programs for every goal! Accountability, Core, Strength, Flexibility & Nutrition

Accountability Group

Group accountability coaching to help you reach all your health and fitness goals. This includes holding you accountable for your workouts (whether they be workouts I provide you or your own), nutrition accountability for your personal diet preferences and healthy habits accountability to help you live a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Monthly $80

4 Week Core Program

Want a stronger core? Take my 4-week core program and you will see progress in no time! 6 follow-along workouts including a stretching video to help you see a stronger core in 4 weeks.

One Time $99

Custom 8 Week Strength Training Program

Want to get stronger and fitter on your own but aren’t sure which exercises to do on which days? Purchase a custom 8 week strength training program that you can do on your own at home or the gym. This includes a 30 minute phone conversation so I can tailor your program to help you reach your own personal goals with exercises that you will actually do. This isn’t a cookie-cutter plan that everyone else will do, this is your own workout plan, tailored specifically for you, your goals, and your current fitness level.
This also allows you access to my monthly accountability group for the duration of your program.

One Time $399

“I can’t say enough about Carrie and what a terrific experience I have had working out with her. She challenges you every step of the way but at the same time won’t push you beyond what you can handle. It is exactly what I needed. I appreciate how knowledgeable she is about not only exercise, but an overall healthy lifestyle. I have gained a lot of strength and energy through my workouts with her and also learned a lot about how to improve my eating habits. Working with Carrie has helped me tremendously. I would strongly recommend Carrie to anyone, whether it’s to get more in shape or just to become more healthy, it’s worth it.”

Kari S.

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