Why Train with Me

Research has proven that exercise is critical for long-term weight maintenance, combating health conditions and disease, releasing feel-good endorphin’s to improve your mood, boosts your energy, helps you sleep better, strengthens muscles & bones & so much more!

I specialize in and work solely with female clients. Female clients have different needs than male clients do.

I started training clients after seeing how my workout posts on social media were inspiring and motivating others, and after several requests to train friends and family (and even a few acquaintances). I have a passion for helping women exercise in the comfort of their own homes (or outside) because I understand how convenient it is and I also understand the intimidation that a gym can cause many women. I personally have always trained at home, getting up to exercise daily at 5 am. IMG_6809

I have worked with brides-to-be, clients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, back problems (specifically spinal fusion), kidney disease & lupus, anxiety, moms (sometimes with their kids along) and pre-natal clients.

I tailor each workout specifically to each client and include a lot of strength training exercises as well as HIIT (if they are at that fitness level) as well as lots of flexibility and mobility exercises. When the weather is nice I encourage my clients to train outside, either in their backyard or a local park. I like to mix up their routines to keep them engaged and enjoying their workouts.

I’m certified as a nutritionist as well as a corrective exercise specialist. Corrective exercises are exercises to help you with your posture or with any kind of movement dysfunction you may have. These exercises will also be incorporated into your warm-ups and maybe into your workout programs depending on what I see in your initial assessment.

Stay Healthy my Friends!


Carrie A Groff

strength and toning