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In-Home Personal Training Testimonials:

“I began working out with Carrie A Groff over 6 months ago. We began with warm-ups, weight training, stationary lunges, ab crunches, and cool down stretches. What impressed me about Carrie is that she did a complete health assessment prior to creating my work-out & created exercises that would not affect my RA inflammation. We now do walking work-outs stopping at benches along the way not to rest but to do squats, push-ups and leg lifts. If you want a Personal Trainer who really cares about you and your health then Carrie is the one!” – Randi I.

“I give Carrie 5 out of 5 stars. She is an incredible trainer! I hired her 6 weeks before my wedding to tone up, and she did just that! She pushed me because she knew I could do It. I am so impressed with how much my body changed in just 6 weeks! She also helped me to eat healthy, and my stomach has finally not hurt for the first time in a long time! She is also extremely flexible with your schedule! I would recommend Carrie to everyone! She is great!! :)” – Amy H.

“I enjoy and look forward to my sessions Carrie is a very good trainer that is not just there for the work out but is very educated one other aspects of your health such as what you eat smoothies and things with natural ingredients She sure is a lot of interest in helping you meet your goals I enjoy every minute of the work out.” – Jody

“Carrie is awesome! She is also an amazing trainer. She didn’t focus only on the exercise but also on the emotional side of things and all other aspects pertaining to making good health choices in order to attain my desired weight. Through her expertise, I was able to understand my progression better, and also understand that it won’t happen exactly the same with everyone. It was truly life changing and people who saw changes in my body were eager to have her contact. She definitely knows what she is doing. Highly recommended!” – Ivie E.

Body weight training during a walking workout.


“I really enjoy how Carrie fully understands how each exercise works distinct muscle groups!” – Anonymous

“Carrie is a great trainer! She will make you work and get you results. For a worth it sweat sesh book her!” – kimberly A.

“I have been working with Carrie for over a year. I have never enjoyed exercising. But if I have to miss a session, I always try to make it up. She is the perfect balance of encouragement and firmness. She pushes you to your limits … but never over. Although I won’t admit it to her, I enjoy my workouts. I highly recommend her!” – Carol

“Carrie’s unique strength is her keen ability to assess your needs and then design an individual program for you. She is fully engaged and never slacks off for a minute during your workout. She is constantly observing, encouraging and giving feedback. Her passion and knowledge inform every workout. Her quick wit and personable demeanor are just added perks for each session! If you are hiring a personal trainer, Carrie is first-rate!” – Sandi

“I have had the opportunity to work with Carrie for the last 2 years. We meet three times per week. She tailors the work out to my physical ability and needs to reach my goals. She listens to me. She is honest in her advice. She is extremely experienced. She is expert in the field and can accommodate any challenge or limitation. She is skilled at targeting muscle groups with a variety of techniques and is great at modifying moves when needed to keep the work out on target. I enjoy my time with her and always look forward to our next meeting. She paces me, pushes me, and helps me grow. For ALL of these reasons I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get healthy and or in shape. She is worth the investment. I promise you will not be disappointed.” – Dana W.

“I cannot say enough about Carrie Groff. If you are interested in working with a personal trainer, she is the way to go. I really appreciate how she taylors the exercises to meet your needs. When you begin working out with her, she will find what you are capable of and build from there. This was so nice as I felt I was getting a good workout in but didn’t feel overwhelmed by the level of difficulty. As you progress with Carrie, the exercises become more challenging and I personally have seen such a change in my overall strength and endurance. The ab strengthening program she has me currently doing  has also made a huge difference and I am so pleased with my results. Not only is Carrie a great trainer, she is incredibly knowledgeable about an overall healthy lifestyle. Her input on my eating habits has helped tremendously and I am so grateful for the difference all of this has made in my life. I would highly recommend Carrie to anyone. ” – Kari