5 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
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Happy Healthy Thanksgiving!

5 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow already! I know many of you are traveling and getting all your food prepped for the big dinner tomorrow, but if you take a few minutes to browse these quick tips, I promise you will have a healthier Thanksgiving and your waist line will thank you 🙂


1. Don’t skip meals.

This is the first tip because it’s so common for people to skip breakfast and lunch on Thanksgiving in an effort to save room for the big meal. Some of my family members do this and then they look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them that there’s no way I can go that long without food lol Oh and then they ask me why I’m not going back for seconds?! lol I know we like to indulge on the Holiday’s but skipping meals usually makes you feel ravenous and starving by the time the big meal is ready and then you eat twice as much as you normally would or you eat way too many appetizers (if your family does appetizers…mine doesn’t) before the meal. In my family we have our big meal at lunch time which is perfect, I think anyway, because then we have the rest of the day to burn off any extra calories we ate, plus then I eat my normal breakfast have the Turkey dinner for lunch and then have a light dinner. If your family has it later in the day eat your normal breakfast, have a lighter lunch, and then have a healthy snack, like my peanut butter oat bars, before you leave the house.

2. Plan a workout date.

Plan to do a fun workout with a friend or family member while they are in town. This will keep you both accountable and will keep you burning calories so you can enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie after the big meal. I also recommend taking a nice walk with the family after dinner….this will aid in your digestion and burn some extra calories as well. Plus, it feels good to go for a light walk after a heavy meal instead of slouching on the sofa.

3. Offer to bring a healthy side dish.

I love taking my own healthy side dish to Holiday gathering’s because then I know that I have at least 1 food item that I can eat more of because I know it’s healthy. Especially, if there isn’t anything else healthy at the dinner table. Everyone usually likes my side dishes too so that’s a plus. If your family likes to watch the football game on Thanksgiving, here is a side dish you can take that is healthier than traditional hot wings. (Check out my Healthy Holiday’s Pinterest board too for more ideas!)

4. Drink lots of water.

Drinking water does two things: it keeps you hydrated so you don’t confuse thirst with hunger and it helps cleanse your body after a hefty meal. Drinking water will also balance your intake of other drinks that are higher in calorie, such as beer or wine.


5. Indulge for one meal, not for the entire week.

We are all going to indulge for Thanksgiving, that’s just LIFE. Just make sure that you don’t extend that into a whole week…or even a whole month, because we all know that December is a crazy busy time of year for people. There are always leftovers after dinner, and if you want some…I recommend taking 1 serving home with you…if you can resist then I say don’t take any home, but if you must just do 1 serving, enough for one small lunch or dinner the next day. I always leave the party with my leftovers that I took because then I don’t feel bad for leaving without taking some leftovers off the hands of the hosts and it’s my healthy side dish I prepared so I won’t feel guilty about eating it. The sooner you can get back to your regular healthy eating regime, the better your chances are of NOT gaining extra weight during the Holiday’s.


Do you have any tips that help you stay healthy during the Holiday’s? If you’re looking for even more tips and quick 5 Minute AMRAP workouts you can do to get you through the Holiday’s, join in on my Beat the Bulge Holiday Fit Challenge and stay healthy and on track this year!

Stay Healthy my Friends!


Carrie A Groff
– Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

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