Roasted Veggie, Rice, & Almond Cheese, in a Sprouted Flour Tortilla

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for yummy, healthy, lunch ideas. Some days I look at the fridge and can’t think of anything to make for lunch. Other days, I open the fridge and an idea pops in my head! I love those easy lunch days! Today was an easy lunch day.

I took some leftover roasted veggies from last nights dinner (mix of zucchini, onions, snow peas & broccoli), leftover chopped kale, and cut up some chunks of Almond Cheese and warmed up.

Almond Chunk - Cheddar

Then I warmed up some leftover rice and an Ezekiel Sprouted Flour Tortilla.

sprouted grain tortillas

Combine it all in the tortilla and I had a yummy, filling and healthy lunch!

What’s a quick healthy lunch idea you have come up with?

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