My Favorite Fitness Channel!


I don’t know about you, but I love working out in the comfort of my own home. I know some people need the motivation of a personal trainer, or a friend at the gym, but my motivation to be fit and healthy is all I need. I do have the help of my favorite fitness trainer, Jessica Smith! I found her on YouTube a few years ago and love that she works out with you the entire time. She gives you modifications if you need them and even gives you advanced moves if you want to do those as well.

She gives a free monthly playlist of workouts to exercise to every day which is one of the biggest things I love about her channel. I am motivated to work out every day from home, but I still need some kind of routine or schedule to follow. Jessica Smith mixes up her workouts so you never get bored. You can even double up the videos if you feel like doing two in one day and taking a rest the next day.

Some months she even does challenges! Like in July she did an Ab Challenge for 30 days which was so much fun. Today’s workout was called “The Apple Shape Workout”, which is designed for people with the Apple Body Type, but anyone can do the workout.

She also just recently came out with her very own app for iPhone (Android app coming soon). Just look in the iTunes store for JessicaSmithTV.

So, if you are looking for Free workout videos to do, join me and Jessica Smith and let me know what you think!

Feel free to share your favorite Free workout channels or apps!

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