Amp’d Up Fitness Routine for November – Free Fall Fitness Challenge

I recently posted that I will be doing a Free Fall Fitness Challenge with one of my favorite YouTube channels: Jessica Smith TV The playlist will show up on the channel tomorrow! I am amping up my workouts for this challenge by not only doing one video each day, but TWO! If you signed up… Continue reading Amp’d Up Fitness Routine for November – Free Fall Fitness Challenge


Free Fall Fitness Challenge!

I'm super excited for Jessica Smith's Fall Fitness Challenge. This challenge starts on November 1st! Check out this video for more info! When you sign up for Jessica Smith's emails you will get an email this Saturday with all the details regarding the challenge. I have been following Jessica Smith for a long time and… Continue reading Free Fall Fitness Challenge!


Kettlebell Inspired Workout – No Kettlebell necessary

Today I did a fun, quick, yet efficient Kettlebell Inspired workout. No Kettlebell was necessary! I used one 10lb hand weight. Kettlebell workouts have been quite the rage, but what's great is that you can do Kettlebell workouts without Kettlebells. It's just basically strength training and cardio in one workout! If you feel like checking… Continue reading Kettlebell Inspired Workout – No Kettlebell necessary


My Favorite Fitness Channel!

I don't know about you, but I love working out in the comfort of my own home. I know some people need the motivation of a personal trainer, or a friend at the gym, but my motivation to be fit and healthy is all I need. I do have the help of my favorite fitness… Continue reading My Favorite Fitness Channel!