Amp’d Up Fitness Routine for November – Free Fall Fitness Challenge


I recently posted that I will be doing a Free Fall Fitness Challenge with one of my favorite YouTube channels: Jessica Smith TV The playlist will show up on the channel tomorrow!

I am amping up my workouts for this challenge by not only doing one video each day, but TWO! If you signed up for her challenge you will see that you can do bonus DVD workouts to amp it up. I do not own any of her DVD’s so to keep it free I have found equivalent or similar workout videos to do from her YouTube channel that I am incorporating into the challenge. If you would like to follow along with me I will be checking-in everyday on her videos as well as on Facebook! If you need some motivation to workout I have created a free Facebook Group where we each share our daily or weekly workouts with each other as well as healthy recipes.

If you want to join me in this Amp’d up Fall Fitness Challenge: here are the bonus videos I will be adding on to the Fall Fitness Challenge playlist workouts you can find on Jessica Smith TV’s YouTube Channel.

Day 1: 20 Minute Belly Fat Blasting Cardio Abs
Day 2: Active Rest Day – 40 Minute Dynamic Stretching Fusion (optional)
Day 3: 40 Minute Belly Buns & Thighs Walk
Day 4: Flat Abs Walk Full Length 40 Minute Walking Workout for Flat Abs
Day 5: 40 Minute Sole Sculpt – Full Length Total Body Workout
Day 6: Floor Barre (barre workout, toning, butt, abs, inner thighs)
Day 7: Walking, Exercise, Zumba: Full Length 30 Minute – Latin Spice Walk
Day 8: 30 Minute Barefoot Fusion Walk
Day 9: Active Rest Day – Yoga, Yoga Poses, Pilates: Strong Stretch (optional)
Day 10: 20 Minute Core Stretch
Day 11: Stride & Strength – 36 Minute Walking Workout with Dumbbells
Day 12: 25 Minute Cardio Bootcamp Boogie
Day 13: Cardio Core Flow – 25 Minute Cardio, Core, Standing Abs
Day 14: Ballet Body Barre Workout
Day 15: Full 40 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Home Workout – Walking – Indoor Jogging
Day 16: Active Rest Day – Strength in Stillness: Full 30 Minute Home Yoga Routine for Beginners (optional)
Day 17: 30 Minute Power Interval Walk
Day 18: 25 Minute Mat Fusion Flow
Day 19: Walking, Exercise, Zumba: Dance Walk
Day 20: Fat Burning Flat Belly Fusion Workout
Day 21: The Best Abs Exercises for Women Workout
Day 22: 20 Minute Core Stretch
Day 23: Relax & Restore: Full Body 30 Minute Flexibility Routine
Day 24: Barre Buns, Abs & Thighs
Day 25: Cardio Barre
Day 26: Short & Sweet Stretch
Day 27: Happy Thanksgiving! Terrifying Tabata Cardio Interval Workout
Day 28: 40 Minute Cardio Barefoot Flow
Day 29: Flow-Yo – 32 Minute Cardio Yoga for Weight Loss
Day 30: Active Rest Day : Congratulations! Challenge Complete! Give your muscles a nice stretch! Stretch, Rest & Relax

I hope you choose to join me starting November 1st! Don’t forget to share your check-ins! Remember, these videos I shared here are the bonus videos to AMP up your Challenge. Here is the link to the Fall Fitness Challenge Playlist: Fall Fitness Challenge.


Carrie A Groff
– Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
“Happiness is Barefoot on the Beach!”

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