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I started a fashion business | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!Happy Friday my friends! Today I wanted to share with you a company I came across last year and ended up starting as a fun little side business. I live in leggings, which is why I named my group “Live in Leggings Boutique“. I’m a personal trainer and I also work from home doing some freelance work as well, so I have the type of lifestyle where I don’t need to where dresses or business casual clothes (although I do like to wear a nice summer dress on occasion when I go to my networking events I co-coordinate with my friend).

Me in a a comfy summer dress teaching an essential oils class (yep…I do that too)

I know leggings, or fashion, has absolutely nothing to do with health and wellness…but it’s something that us women love shopping for and sharing great finds with our friends…and since I wear leggings pretty much EVERY DAY it seemed like a perfect compliment to my other businesses.

The company that I’m a part of is called Abby + Anna, it’s a small family run business, that is fairly new, but has tons of support, leadership, trainings, and fun clothing for real-life women and young girls. I never thought I would have anything to do with the fashion industry…I am terrible at piecing together cute outfits, but when you have fun leggings to wear, it makes it easier to seem put-together 🙂

This is me in our jeggings capri’s which are crazy comfortable!

I love supporting small family-run businesses and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I like to keep busy and having a few different businesses keeps me busy but not so much that I can’t focus on them.

This is me in our pink jeggings capri’s that I wore on our beach vacation.

Do you have multiple businesses? I think it’s fun creating multiple streams of income, especially if they are things that you really enjoy to do.

I love showing off my leggings in fun yoga poses 🙂 These are my new fav pair too!

If you love fun, fashionable, affordable clothing feel free to join my fun and free Facebook Group: where I share specials, real-life pics of our clothing, giveaways, and more!

Stay Healthy (and comfy) my friends!


Carrie A Groff

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