Get Your #AssOffTheCouch 30-Day Challenge! | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

Get Your #AssOffTheCouch 30-Day Challenge!

Get Your #AssOffTheCouch 30-Day Challenge! | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!Hello my friends! I’m adding in an extra blog post in this week, because I just had to share with you this fun challenge that I just joined and think you should join me too!

Especially, if you have been a bit lackadaisical this summer and have let your fitness fall to the back burner.

So, what is this challenge all about?

This is a guided discovery designed to help you re-think what place exercise has in your life, and shows you how to make shifts towards a new normal so that you can accomplish this with less grit and more ease. As a bonus, you’ll get your #assoffthecouch every single day.

Each morning you will receive an email from Lyn Lindbergh–founder of COUCH to ACTIVE and the host of this September event!  Within each email you’ll review one micro-topic and then look at how this applies to your life. It is designed to be fun, empowering, and help you begin your shift to a new normal. Be happy, be healthy!

AND….there’s prizes!

Each Friday, Lyn will be hosting a Facebook Live with prize drawings. You do not need to be present to enter, but you do need to be registered.

There are currently over $300+ in prize giveaways (which we’ll announce soon)

What’s the cost?

$17.00 – BUT if you use my special code…you get 30% off which makes your cost only $11.90!! That’s less than $.40 a day!

Here’s What You Get:

You get a LOT for your money with this challenge!
You’ll receive a guided journey in the form of daily fun emails from Lyn during the month of September. That’s 30 days of guidance to help you breakthrough your barriers to exercise! You also receive invitations to Facebook Live sessions, discussions in our Facebook group, a challenge tracker PDF, a finisher PDF.
Plus there are weekly prize drawings for registered participants!
Yes, we are giving away a lot for such a small price.
If you’re ready to figure out how to be more active even when life is so hectic, then it’s time to register:
Use my code for your 30% discount: 7012cgpa
Let’s do this!
Stay Healthy my friends!
Carrie A Groff


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