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Celebrate Earth Day 2022!

Tomorrow, April 22nd 2022 is Earth Day! Let’s celebrate with some amazing deals on some of my favorite Earth Friendly companies and products. With these companies you can make Earth Day Every Day!

  1. Joy Organics is having a 20% off sale with code: green20 and is giving back to the organization One Tree Planted. Joy Organics CBD products (for humans and dogs) is all organic CBD that is produced of the highest quality. This is one of the best CBD products I’ve found and personally use the most.
  2. To celebrate Earth Week, FRÉ will plant an Argan “tree of life” in Morocco for every single product purchased, until April 23. You guys know FRÉ Skincare is one of my favorite skincare lines because it’s made specifically for women who sweat! Use my code: CARRIEG here for 25% off your order. In 2021, FRÉ renewed all of their packagings and upgraded to more sustainable materials. They use post-consumer recycled plastic, sugarcane, glass bottles, biodegradable plastic, and recycled paper to package and ship their products.
  3. Dropps has 30% off site wide including their new products! They already have fabulous eco-friendly laundry pods..even the box they come in is recyclable. The pods dissolve completely so there is no plastic waste at all! They now have ergonomic kitchen brushes made of bamboo, coconut fibers and stainless steel. They also have a brand new Power Dish Spray which I’m super excited to buy and try! It’s like Dawn Power Spray but with no toxic chemicals! The starter kit comes with a glass bottle that you can refill each time! Yah for no plastic bottles!
  4. Buy One Get One 30% Off Earth Products with code EARTH30 at Ancient Nutrition. Ancient Nutrition is doing some amazing things to protect our earth (like reusable scoops for their protein and collagen powders!) Ancient Nutrition is on track to have stopped at least 150,000 lbs of plastic from ever being created or entering the environment!
  5. Grab Green is an eco-friendly company with natural laundry care products like their Wool Dryer Balls. Wool Dryer Balls are re-usable and earth friendly.
  6. Epic Water Filters are a great way to stop using plastic water bottles and get the freshest and cleanest tasting water at home! Plastic water bottles are not only bad for our environment but they are terrible for your health.
  7. Since you’ve ditched plastic water bottles, I highly recommend investing in a stainless steel water bottle which is reusable and keeps your liquid cold or hot for hours! They come in so many fun colors too! Ice Shaker and The Coldest Water Bottle are my two favorite brands!
  8. Driftaway Coffee is a sustainability-focused coffee roaster in Brooklyn, NY that is completely focused on the best tasting coffee and how their company leaves an impact on our environment.
  9. Food Huggers products can be used over and over again replacing tons of single use plastic wrap, bags or foil. I use mine all the time for my leftover lemons and avocados.
  10. Enviroscent is offering 10% off with the code: MOTHERNATURE. Their products never use respiratory sensitizers, PBT’s (persistent, bioacumulative toxins), CMR’s (carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins), and on and on. From sustainable packaging to making their products refillable, reusable, and recyclable. They design, ship, and source their products as responsibly and earth-consciously as possible.
  11. Beauty by Earth uses Plant-Based Ingredients with no Harmful Toxins or Chemicals. Environmentally Sustainable. All Formulations Made in the USA. Plastic Neutral. And I love that their sunscreen is Reef Friendly! Meaning every time you put sunscreen on and go into the ocean the chemicals from your sunscreen won’t be killing all our beautiful ocean reef’s!! Beauty by Earth sunscreen has no chemicals in it!
  12. Vitae Apparel has an extra 25% off with code: GOGREEN25 In celebration of Earth Day you can get up to 40% off all eco-friendly pieces plus the extra 25% off. They are also planting 10 trees with Trees For The Future for each order processed.

Stay Healthy & Earth Friendly my friends!!


Carrie A Groff

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