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#FlavorfulFriday: Coffee Review

Coffee Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a coffee of my choice from I have always been a huge coffee lover. I once worked at Starbucks and a small mom & pop coffee shoppe. Someday I plan on owning my own coffee shoppe. Until then, I really enjoy reviewing varieties of coffee. I usually prefer single origin, organic, & Fair Trade coffees. One of my all-time favorite coffee’s is from Jaguar Forest. I was very excited to see that sells Jaguar Forest coffee on their website. Since I already know what Jaguar Forest coffee tastes like I wanted to try a new roaster.

That’s when I picked Huckleberry Roasters Rwanda Kigeyo coffee. I have had Rwanda coffee before and enjoyed it. The description flavor says “Cranberry, Orange, Creamy Mouthfeel, Maple-walnut Sweetness, dried fruit” which I thought sounded really yummy!

This coffee is also a light roast which I don’t usually drink. You can see how light the beans are. I’m used to seeing dark oily beans. When you grind lighter roast beans the grinds are really dry too.

IMG_4751You could smell the nutty profile of the beans. I love smelling coffee beans! LOL

These coffee beans were roasted on 2/17 which is clearly labeled on the back of the bag so you know you are getting fresh roasted coffee beans!


I was also surprised by the size of the beans when I opened up the bag. They seemed a bit smaller than I’m used to, so I compared them to my dark roast beans and they are a bit smaller.


I put the beans in my grinder and made a hot cup of fresh coffee. If you never had coffee from freshly ground beans, it’s a game changer! So much fresher taste! I haven’t purchased pre-ground coffee in years!


This coffee is a deliciously flavored light roast coffee. You can taste the nuttiness of it with a smooth and slight citrus flavor at the end. I still prefer darker roast coffee’s but this is a nice change! Would definitely recommend this coffee, especially if you prefer lighter roasts.

roasters is a fabulous website to find and try carefully crafted specialty coffee. You can search their coffees by country of origin, flavor, popularity, or by roaster. They also have subscription plans if you can’t decide. You can choose weekly, every other week, or monthly plans! I think it’s awesome that you can have a plan that sends you fresh roasted coffee every week!

Have you found a favorite (or few) specialty roasters? What’s your preference?


Carrie A Groff

-Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

“Happiness is Barefoot on the Beach”

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