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#7DayDrinkGreen Challenge with Nanami Tea Zen Set

Happy Tuesday my friends! I'm posting a bit earlier this week to give you all a heads up about my #7DayDrinkGreen challenge I'm doing with Nanami. My husband and I will also be enjoying a weekend at the beach this weekend for Easter, so I'll be starting this challenge on Monday. If you would like… Continue reading #7DayDrinkGreen Challenge with Nanami Tea Zen Set

Homemade "Icy Hot" Cream for sore muscles | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
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#TuesdayTip is Back with a Homemade “Icy Hot” Cream & a 6X5 Cycle Circuit Workout

Happy Tuesday my healthy friends! It's been a few weeks since I've shared a Tuesday Tip to learn how to use essential oils. It's been busy with the holiday's and my personal trainer studies ­čÖé I'm happy to say that I'm getting closer to being ready to take my personal trainer exam though! I'm excited… Continue reading #TuesdayTip is Back with a Homemade “Icy Hot” Cream & a 6X5 Cycle Circuit Workout

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#MotivationMonday – FitBit Flex vs iFit Vue

It seems everyone has some kind of fitness/activity tracker these days. ┬áThere are so many options out there...how do you know which to choose? I first bought the FitBit Flex this past May. It's a very simple tracker that tracks your steps, calories (if you add them in on the app) and your sleep. The… Continue reading #MotivationMonday – FitBit Flex vs iFit Vue

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#MotivationMonday – It’s Study Time! I’m Going to Be a Personal Trainer!

It's that time of year when kids are back in school, people are planning their holiday gatherings, some people even start Christmas shopping already and you see pumpkin this and pumpkin that all over Pinterest. Usually, this time of year I'm busy with my health & wellness business, reaching out to people that were too… Continue reading #MotivationMonday – It’s Study Time! I’m Going to Be a Personal Trainer!


#FlavorfulFriday – Apple Banana Oatmeal Protein #KnockoutSmoothie

I recently became an Everlast Nutrition Partner, after sampling their delicious Vegan Protein, because it's a healthy protein that isn't loaded with a bunch of junk and it tastes so yummy, that I just had to share it with all of my healthy friends! Why do I choose Everlast VP? Everlast Vegan Protein is from… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – Apple Banana Oatmeal Protein #KnockoutSmoothie


#FlavorfulFriday – Chocolate Oatmeal Protein Smoothie

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing with you a smoothie recipe that I've been making every morning post-workout because it's so yummy, filling, and helps my muscles recover after and intense workout. I love smoothie's because they are quick, simple, and I can change them up with so many different ingredients. Plus, they are really refreshing… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – Chocolate Oatmeal Protein Smoothie

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#TuesdayTip – Fresh & Clean Cutting Board with Lemon Essential Oil

Today's tip is a quick and easy one that will have your cutting board (I only have a plastic one) clean and sanitized! I'm not quite sure which cutting boards are the best, but all I have is a white plastic one and it's been used pretty heavily. I feel like after I cut chicken… Continue reading #TuesdayTip – Fresh & Clean Cutting Board with Lemon Essential Oil

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#FlavorfulFriday – Raspberry Probiotic ACV Tonic

Apple Cider Vinegar is so good for many reasons. I used to drink it all day long in my water...usually 1 TBSP in a 20 oz water bottle. Then for some reason I stopped drinking it. Sometimes I go through spurts like that, where I do something I know is super healthy for me, then… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – Raspberry Probiotic ACV Tonic


#MotivationMonday – Shelly Dose Fitness Review

Happy Monday! Most of you know that I absolutely love working out from home. I love getting up first thing in the AM, turning on YouTube and working out to a fun and intense fitness trainer. I recently found out about a new trainer on YouTube who I absolutely love working out to! Her name… Continue reading #MotivationMonday – Shelly Dose Fitness Review


#FlavorfulFriday – Lemon Raspberry Coconut Flour Muffins

Happy Friday! We had our first heat wave of the summer this week and today its cooled down a bit. I don't eat many muffins during the summer because I always think of muffins as being a warm fall comfort food, but I made coconut flour muffins with a refreshing twist! I found this coconut… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – Lemon Raspberry Coconut Flour Muffins