Hemp Seed Apple "Cookies" with Dark Chocolate Chips | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

#FlavorfulFriday – Healthy Hemp Seed Apple “Cookies”

Happy Friday my healthy friends! It's apple harvest season right now, so grocery stores are loaded full of so many different varieties of apples. I only buy organic apples (apples are one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed fruits), so that selection doesn't have quite as much variety, but they are delicious and healthy! I… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – Healthy Hemp Seed Apple “Cookies”


#FlavorfulFriday – Chocolate Protein Fruit Snack Dip

Happy Friday! It's apple season so I'm doing a yummy chocolate protein fruit snack dip today that is so yummy to dip organic apples in! Apples are one of the most pesticide-sprayed fruits so I always recommend buying apples organic. My husband works at a fruit packing plant where they "wax" the apples to make… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – Chocolate Protein Fruit Snack Dip


#FlavorfulFriday – Lemon Raspberry Coconut Flour Muffins

Happy Friday! We had our first heat wave of the summer this week and today its cooled down a bit. I don't eat many muffins during the summer because I always think of muffins as being a warm fall comfort food, but I made coconut flour muffins with a refreshing twist! I found this coconut… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – Lemon Raspberry Coconut Flour Muffins

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#FlavorfulFriday – 5 Ingredient Blender Muffins and Healthy Snacking

I love snacking! I feel better when I snack. I definitely can't go without eating anything for too long of a period of time and I NEVER forget to eat. LOL You could say I think about food all the time. I love to eat, but I also love the way I feel when I… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – 5 Ingredient Blender Muffins and Healthy Snacking

Product Review

#FlavorfulFriday – ProTings Protein Chips Review

Have you heard of ProTings yet? I recently received 4 bags of ProTings to sample and review and I was pleasantly surprised by the yummy flavors and the simple ingredients. These are a perfect snack for when you crave something crunchy with flavor but still want something healthy. They have four different flavors: Spicy Chili… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – ProTings Protein Chips Review