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#MotivationMonday – FitBit Flex vs iFit Vue

It seems everyone has some kind of fitness/activity tracker these days.  There are so many options out there...how do you know which to choose? I first bought the FitBit Flex this past May. It's a very simple tracker that tracks your steps, calories (if you add them in on the app) and your sleep. The… Continue reading #MotivationMonday – FitBit Flex vs iFit Vue

#HolidaySweat Challenge | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

#HolidaySweat Challenge! 8 Week Healthy Holiday’s Sweat Train! (with awesome prizes)

Tomorrow starts our 8 week #HolidaySweat challenge with @runtothefinish and @fitapproach. I'm super excited for this challenge and hope you will join us! Follow me on Instagram for each daily prompt. Read all the details below: GET INVOLVED The best way to ensure your skinny jeans fit like they were custom tailored to your rockin’… Continue reading #HolidaySweat Challenge! 8 Week Healthy Holiday’s Sweat Train! (with awesome prizes)


#FlavorfulFriday – Apple Banana Oatmeal Protein #KnockoutSmoothie

I recently became an Everlast Nutrition Partner, after sampling their delicious Vegan Protein, because it's a healthy protein that isn't loaded with a bunch of junk and it tastes so yummy, that I just had to share it with all of my healthy friends! Why do I choose Everlast VP? Everlast Vegan Protein is from… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – Apple Banana Oatmeal Protein #KnockoutSmoothie