#MotivationMonday – Shelly Dose Fitness Review

Happy Monday! Most of you know that I absolutely love working out from home. I love getting up first thing in the AM, turning on YouTube and working out to a fun and intense fitness trainer. I recently found out about a new trainer on YouTube who I absolutely love working out to!

Her name is Shelly Dose and you can find her workout videos on her YouTube channel.  I love her workouts because they are fast pace, intense, and so much fun. She has such an energetic personality and the music she uses in her videos get you pumped up and keep you motivated! Each video I do of hers has new and unique moves that confuse your muscles and make each workout fun and different.

I also love that she does a lot of combination training like cardio mixed with strength training. Strength training is my favorite so when she combines the two I feel like I get a total workout in, plus by the end of each of her workouts I’m dripping with sweat! Nothing motivates me more than a tough workout that leaves me soaking wet!

When I first started working out to her, I was confused about how she counted reps in each set because I’m so used to doing workouts where you do a certain number of reps in each set, so you sometimes are dreading that number because you are thinking about it so much. She doesn’t count reps the same for each set, which is actually quite fun because you never really know how many reps you will do each time so you don’t really think about that number. And sometimes she does tell you how many reps you will be doing but then you end up doing a few more lol

Another thing I love about her workouts is that she uses heavier weights in some of her workouts. I have amped up my strength training and love working out to trainers that also use heavier weights. She does modifications as well, so if you are a beginner, you can still follow along with her workouts and work your way up to her level.

If you are like me and love working out at home, check out Shelly’s YouTube channel and try her workouts! You won’t be disappointed.


Carrie A Groff
-Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

“Happiness is Barefoot on the Beach!”

6 thoughts on “#MotivationMonday – Shelly Dose Fitness Review”

  1. I discovered Shelly Dose two weeks ago and I fell head over heels with her workouts instantly. She’s my new go to Girl, I am usually dripping in sweat when I finish, those compound moves are killer and I highly recommend her.


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