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Workout Motivation – Why Some Have It…and Some Don’t

Happy Friday my friends!! I had another killer workout this morning! Most of you who know me, know that I'm a morning person! I love getting up early, working out, having coffee and starting my day right away. I'm not the type of person that needs an hour or two to slowly mosey around and… Continue reading Workout Motivation – Why Some Have It…and Some Don’t

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#MotivationMonday – It’s Study Time! I’m Going to Be a Personal Trainer!

It's that time of year when kids are back in school, people are planning their holiday gatherings, some people even start Christmas shopping already and you see pumpkin this and pumpkin that all over Pinterest. Usually, this time of year I'm busy with my health & wellness business, reaching out to people that were too… Continue reading #MotivationMonday – It’s Study Time! I’m Going to Be a Personal Trainer!


Make Success Mandatory – Book Review

I was recently given the opportunity to read and review the book 'Make Success Mandatory: Discovering Your Gift & Giving It Back To The World' by Jeremy Scott. This is the first book I've read by Jeremy Scott and it's one that I will definitely read again! This book is a very positive book that… Continue reading Make Success Mandatory – Book Review

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Skulpt Aim Device Review – Part 2

I am LOVING my Skulpt Aim device to measure my muscle quality and body fat %. It's so motivating to see the changes in my muscles when I know which ones need improvement. It's only been one week but my Total Body Fat % went down and my Muscle Quality improved a little bit. The… Continue reading Skulpt Aim Device Review – Part 2

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#MotivationMonday – Maxasorb Vitamin B-12 Cream

Do you lack energy and motivation to do anything? You might have a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Vitamin B-12 deficiency puts you at more risk for depression, dementia and multiple sclerosis. Vitamin B-12 is the nutrient your body needs to carry out essential functions. If you have vitamin B-12 deficiency you might have the following symptoms:… Continue reading #MotivationMonday – Maxasorb Vitamin B-12 Cream


#MotivationMonday: Brett Hoebel 20 Minute Body Challenge

Happy Monday everyone! Most of you know that I LOVE doing fitness challenges. They are great for changing up my routine, helping me to learn something new, and keeping me motivated! Sometimes you get a chance to win prizes, which is awesome, but I just love challenges because they challenge me and my body! Not… Continue reading #MotivationMonday: Brett Hoebel 20 Minute Body Challenge


I’m a FitFluential Ambassador & I Reached Another New Goal!

I reached another new goal this week!! A few weeks ago I mastered Crow Pose and now I mastered Side Crow Pose! I even had a picture of this pose on my vision board and now I can do it! I will keep practicing my form, but this just goes to show that you should… Continue reading I’m a FitFluential Ambassador & I Reached Another New Goal!

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Motivation Monday: What’s Your Why?

Wow! I can't believe it's February already! January flew by! Did you stick to your exercise and healthy eating routines? February is a great time to reflect on what you did during January and congratulate yourself for a job well done or to determine what caused you to slip from your goals and how to… Continue reading Motivation Monday: What’s Your Why?


#MotivationMonday – What #NoExcuses Means to Me

Living the #NoExcuses lifestyle means that no matter what comes up in your life, you can do anything. I've always been annoyed by the people who say "I don't have time...", whether it's time to eat (which is my biggest pet peeve....I make time to eat), time to workout, time to call someone, or time… Continue reading #MotivationMonday – What #NoExcuses Means to Me


My 2 Badass #NoExcuses Nominees!

As a #SweatPink Ambassador I was asked to nominate 2 ladies that live the #NoExcuses lifestyle. These two ladies seriously kick butt, motivate, and inspire me to also live the #NoExcuses lifestyle! Both of these ladies I have met through #SweatPink and have enjoyed following their activities. My nominees (in no particular order): Lindsay Sanii… Continue reading My 2 Badass #NoExcuses Nominees!