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#MotivationMonday – Maxasorb Vitamin B-12 Cream

Do you lack energy and motivation to do anything? You might have a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Vitamin B-12 deficiency puts you at more risk for depression, dementia and multiple sclerosis. Vitamin B-12 is the nutrient your body needs to carry out essential functions.

If you have vitamin B-12 deficiency you might have the following symptoms:

Muscle weakness
Fatigue and lack of energy
Tingling in your extremities
Mental fogginess
Memory problems
Mood swings
Sleep problems
Feelings of apathy and lack of motivation

I was recently given a chance to try a Vitamin B-12 Cream from VitaSciences in return for my honest review. Maxasorb Vitamin B-12 Cream is scientifically formulated for maximum absorption. You just use one dosage (equals 2 pumps) each day, and you can use it on your wrists or anywhere on your skin but since the skin on your wrists is so thin it absorbs best here.


Maxasorb Vitamin B-12 Cream comes in a one-month supply, is hypoallergenic, nonirritating, is paraben free and smells nice and minty. Natural vitamin B-12 is bright red, so the lotion looks pink when you pump it out. Pink is my favorite color too so that’s a nice little non-important bonus. The cream goes on easily, absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy at all. So if you wanted to use it on your face you could, just don’t get it near your eyes.


I’ve been using this vitamin B-12 cream for just under a week and I definitely have a lot more energy during the day especially in the afternoon when I would sometimes hit a slump. I almost feel as if I’ve had a lot of coffee (not jittery) even though I’m still drinking my normal 2 cups a day.

Vitamin B-12 in the form of a cream is a really easy and convenient way to get B-12 in your body. I really love the energy it gives me!

Do you have a supplement or lotion that helps give you energy?


Carrie A Groff
– Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

“Happiness is Barefoot on the Beach”

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2 thoughts on “#MotivationMonday – Maxasorb Vitamin B-12 Cream”

  1. Can I just tell you that my hubby is a nutrition professor and I have never heard of B12 as a cream? Probably bc I am not listening, haha! Thanks so much for sharing, just learned something new 🙂


    1. Very cool! It’s always fun learning new things! 🙂 I really like this cream as it’s easy to use and I just use it in the morning during my morning skincare routine. I have so much trouble remembering whether or not I took vitamins and supplements or sprays each day so this is much easier. I have used a B12 spray which I like as well…but I have gotten much more energy with this cream.


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