#FlavorfulFriday - Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

#FlavorfulFriday – Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken Marinade

Happy Black Friday! I’m doing all my shopping online this year…no crowds and I can shop anytime of the day I want. I never really was a huge Black Friday shopper to begin with, but the older I get the less I even think about shopping on Black Friday. I love that there are so many wonderful online deals so now I don’t have to leave my house.

Like this awesome deal from my favorite coffee company: Jaguar Forest Coffee is Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Woohoo! All stocked up on my coffee now!

And Victoria’s Secret Bra’s are Buy 1 Get 1 50% off, including my favorite Sports Bra’s!

Do you shop in stores or online on Black Friday?

Now…onto the food part of this post… I used to love eating lemon pepper chicken. Growing up we always used the lemon pepper seasoning on our chicken, but since I’m such a nut about ingredients (and most of those pre-mixed lemon pepper seasonings are loaded with junk fillers and other unnecessary ingredients) I decided to try and make my own lemon pepper marinade for my chicken.

Boy, am I glad I decided to try this because it turned out so yummy! My husband liked it so much he told me that he doesn’t like when I make good food because then he overeats lol

#FlavorfulFriday - Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
#FlavorfulFriday – Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

Here’s the simple recipe:


  • 2 TBSP Garlic Powder
  • 3 TBSP Lemon Juice
  • Black Pepper (I didn’t measure this, but went on the lighter side since my husband isn’t a huge fan of it)
  • Pink Himalayan Salt to taste
  • Basil (Didn’t measure, but I would say 1-2 TBSP)


  1. Mix ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. Take 2 large chicken breasts (about 1 lb) and place in ZipLock Baggie
  3. Pour the marinade in the bag, close and mix the marinade and chicken by massaging it all together.
  4. Let marinate in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.
  5. Bake for about 17 minutes (depending how thick the chicken breasts are) at 425 degrees.

This has a nice lemony flavor with just a hint of black pepper. I added a bit more black pepper to my dish since I love it so much, but my husband doesn’t. I served the chicken over top of brown rice pasta with chopped kale, mushrooms and onions.

Lemon Pepper Chicken, Brown Rice Pasta & Chopped Kale | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
Lemon Pepper Chicken, Brown Rice Pasta & Chopped Kale | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

This is a good meal for days when you are strength training and want more carbs. If I would have just done cardio this day I would have just served the chicken over chopped kale, mushrooms and onions and skipped the brown rice pasta.

Hope you enjoy this tasty & healthy recipe!

Stay Healthy my Friends!


Carrie A Groff
– Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

“Happiness is Barefoot on the Beach!”

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