BeFit Nutritional Supplements Giveaway | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
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#BeFitAllYear – 30 Day Burn Workout & BeFit Supplements Review & Giveaway

BeFit Nutritional Supplements Giveaway | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
BeFit Nutritional Supplements | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

If you do YouTube workouts like I do then I’m sure you are familiar with BeFit workouts. They have a huge selection of great workouts on their YouTube channel. I have been following the for quite a while and love so many of their workouts and workout plans.

One that I really love and I’m sure many of you will as well, is their 30 Day Burn workout series. There are a total of 10 workouts that are all about 10 minutes long. That’s it! Now, just because these are only 10 minutes long, don’t think they are easy, because they definitely challenge you…which is the whole point if all you have is 10 minutes to workout.  These are HIIT workouts, some use weights and some just your bodyweight. These are fabulous for someone that is just getting started working out, because, seriously?! who can’t take 10 minutes to fit in a workout?! I still do my morning 30-45 minute workouts then add these in as a quick 10 minute afternoon pick-me-up…yes, you might think I’m crazy but I love working out and these workouts are super effective, get my heart-rate up and give me an energy boost! You can totally just do these 10 minute workouts and get great results, especially since towards the end of the 30 days you will start doing two of these workouts a day. Here is the calendar so you can see which workouts to do which days: BeFit 30 Day Burn Calendar

I just started this program 5 days ago, so yesterday was my rest day and today I’m on day 6 which is a Total Body Shred workout. The Legs & Butt Shaper workout was intense and I definitely felt the burn with that one! Here is the complete playlist of workouts (which are not in order so you will need to use the calendar to follow along): BeFit 30 Day Burn Workout Playlist.

Watch the introduction video before starting this fun 30 day program: BeFit 30 Day Burn Introduction

As a part of this #BeFitAllYear campaign I also got to try out the new BeFit nutritional supplements like their Chocolate Whey Protein, Pre-Workout  and Burn. The Whey Protein is a whey isolate and casein combination that’s sweetened with stevia and actually has cocoa in it (not cocoa flavoring). I actually prefer a plant-protein powder but this whey protein is actually pretty tasty and doesn’t leave me bloated like other whey proteins do. I created a yummy Double Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast smoothie with this whey and it was quite yummy!

BeFit Chocolate Whey - Double Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Shake | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
BeFit Chocolate Whey – Double Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Shake | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

The BeFit PRE is by far my favorite BeFit nutritional product. The BeFit PRE gives me energy without jitters, endurance to power through a tough workout and focus. It contains a natural extract from peat water and apples that stimulates the production of ATP (our bodies source of energy) and it also contains Betaine which is derived from sugar beets and helps to improve muscle endurance. I will definitely be ordering more of this stuff! One container contains 30 servings. I also love that you only need to take it 15 minutes before a workout. Some pre-workouts make you wait 30 minutes.

I also received the BeFit Burn, which I’m not sure if it really works for me or not, but it’s got great ingredients in it. It helps your body create thermogenesis, which helps metabolize, or burn fat. It also helps support healthy blood sugar levels (as long as they are already within normal range), which will help you manage cravings and curb your appetite. The BeFit Burn does not over-stimulate the central nervous system, so you won’t get the jitters and it also contains prebiotics, probiotics and polyphenols to provide good bacteria to your gut to help your digestive system. I haven’t noticed a difference yet with this product, but it’s got good ingredients and who doesn’t want a little extra help to burn off some fat?

Enter for a chance to win these same three supplements to try for yourself:

Enter to win BeFit supplements and #BeFitAllYear!

One prize per person. If you win this giveaway, and have already won another prize from BeFit through another blog, please disclose that you have already won so we can choose another winner. 

If you can’t wait for the giveaway you can purchase them here.

Which product are you most excited to try if you win?!

Stay Healthy my Friends!


Carrie A Groff
-Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

“Happiness is Barefoot on the Beach!”

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