Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $50 | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
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Unique Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers under $50

Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $50 | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

Happy Friday my friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend! If you didn’t finish your Holiday shopping yet, here are some fabulous gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life! Everyone knows how much I love my daily coffee…I’ve been a coffee geek since high school (worked at Starbucks, and even did a coffee shoppe business plan in college as a project). Some of these items I have and use and some are on my coffee wish list 😉 (wink wink)

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French Press Coffee Maker – French Press coffee is one of my favorite ways to enjoy coffee. It’s the best way (IMO) to get the full flavor of coffee.








Coffee is my Happy Place Mug – Primitives by Kathy has some beautiful, big and sturdy coffee mugs!








Blah Blah Blah Coffee Kitchen Towels – I love these kitchen towels with coffee sayings on them.










Coffee Because Adulting is Hard – Because you can NEVER have too many coffee mugs!








Coffee Bean Grinder – If you are serious about fresh coffee you must own a burr grinder. I love my Capresso Burr Grinder. It has multiple settings so you can have really fine ground coffee or course ground coffee. I’ve had mine for years and it’s still going strong.







Coffee Travel Mug – Because you can’t leave home without coffee! These are also so much more eco-friendly than using the paper cups from your local coffee shoppe. I personally love my Corkcicle Tumbler but I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on the Contigo travel mugs. There are tons of options…I always recommend a stainless steel mug and one that has a lid that is BPA-Free.







Coffee Books – This is for the really geeky coffee nerd in your life. I personally love reading about coffee and have a few different coffee books. Even if you or your coffee lover in your life doesn’t read them they make good decoration on your coffee table and book shelf. Uncommon Grounds is one of my favorite books to read and learn all about the History of coffee!






Coffee Decor – Every kitchen needs some coffee decor! I love decorating with coffee bean bags too! I have some from when I worked at Starbucks, but you can always ask a local roaster or any roaster where you buy your beans and see if they will give a few to you or they usually sell them for $5 a bag (empty of course).







Coffee Beans – Every coffee lover needs coffee beans!! Some of my fav brands are Dean’s Beans, Jaguar Forest, Grounds for Change & Melaleuca now has organic coffee. (check out my blog post on why I recommend and only drink organic coffee) Dean’s Beans is the only brand I’ve found that has organic flavored coffee with REAL FLAVORING like hazelnut and vanilla. So yummy!







Cold Brew Coffee – If you haven’t hopped on the cold brew coffee band wagon yet…what are you waiting for? I love cold brew coffee with a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk during the hot summer months. It’s so refreshing and cold brew coffee is so smooth tasting. You can make your own at home in your french press or you can buy a cold brew coffee maker or you can even buy it already made.






Coffee Leggings – Because why not?!








But First Coffee Shirt – Because everyone needs a coffee shirt!! or Tank Top 🙂 or Sweatshirt









There are so many more great coffee gift ideas out there! I’m always looking for new organic coffees to try…share with me below what your favorite coffee gifts are!


Stay Healthy (& drink coffee) my friends!


Carrie A Groff

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