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Time to Change Up Your Skincare Routine

Fall is a great time of the year to make some changes to your skincare routine. We don’t need as much SPF this time of year and our skin is going to start needing more hydration.

I’ve recently started adding Beauty by Earth Vitamin C serum and toner to my skincare routine as well as hyaluronic acid serum and an anti-aging serum.

I still use my FRÉ Skincare cleanser, serum and nighttime moisturizer as well as my detox mask twice a week.

Beauty by Earth skincare products are all organic which is one of the things I love about them, plus they don’t put any harmful ingredients in any of their products. The body scrubs are AMAZING and I use it about twice each week to remove dead skin cells from my body and keep my skin feeling super soft and smooth.

FRÉ Skincare products answer the specific needs of women who work out, from athletes to active women on-the-go. They have been creating bottles out of cane sugar which makes them eco-friendly. AND when you buy a FRÉ Skincare set we plant an Argan tree, also known as the “Tree of Life”, to help replenish the endangered Argan forest in Morocco, and support the women who harvest the Argan oil.

After I get out of the shower I love applying my ZENTS body oil with body lotion. The combination of the two really helps seal in moisture and keep my skin looking silky smooth.

Here’s my morning routine:

Here’s my evening routine:

Do you change up your skincare routine for different times of the year?

Stay healthy my friends!


Carrie A Groff

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