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#MotivationMonday – It’s all about that Balance – No Falling!

#Motivation Monday - It's all about that Balance - No Falling! | Healthy, Fit and Barefoot!

Happy Monday my healthy, fit and barefoot friends! Hope everyone enjoyed a fabulous weekend! We had gorgeous weather here in PA and enjoyed a day at our local Renaissance Faire yesterday with my dad. We had a few craft beers enjoyed some shows and got lots of walking in!


Life is all about balancing, whether you are balancing eating and drinking healthy and having a day to enjoy some craft beers, or balancing between work and family time. There will always be something to balance in your life. Balance is also super important in fitness as well. This is week 2 of the #BOSUstrong challenge and we are focused on balance. I love challenging my balance every day! It works my core, my legs, and my mind 🙂 Join me this week as I start today with a fun Mad Lib!

6 ways I stay balanced

If you forgot to join me last week for the #BOSUStrong challenge or just weren’t up for the cardio, make sure you join me this week as it’s all about the balance! We’re standing on one leg, lunging, and BOSU squatting our way through the week.

But balance means more than just being able to stand on one leg, it also means being able to do what you love while making healthy choices at the same time. It means putting in the work and still finding time for _relaxation___. Or eating the _french fries_ but balancing it out with _salad____. Or _kickboxing____ (workout) and _HIIT____ (workout) at home when you can’t make it to the gym.

Here are the 6 ways I stay balanced – what are yours?

I make time for myself by _practicing yoga daily_______________.

My favorite me time is _sitting in the sunshine reading a good book______.

My rule when it comes to a balanced diet is __if you want something processed, find a way to make it yourself so it’s healthier__.

I make fitness a priority by __working out first thing every morning____________.

When I get stressed or overwhelmed, my go to is _practicing handstands! Being upside down just makes everything seem better_________.

I do _healthy homemade snacks loaded with superfoods weekly____ to help my family stay balanced.


Here are my fave 6 moves to help improve your balance:

  1. Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth
  2. Practice yoga daily…so many yoga postures require balance and also strengthen your ankles which help keep you balanced
  3. Do a reverse lunge and when you bring your leg back up lift it up towards your chest and hold it(no hands) then go right back into your lunge
  4. Do squats to improve your leg strength which will help you when balancing
  5. Stand in Mountain Pose with your eyes closed…start with 30 seconds and see how much you can work up to. Closing your eyes really challenges your sense of balance
  6. Practice Heel-to-Toe walk with your arms out to the side. 

So I want to know – are you #BOSUStrong? Copy and paste the above, fill it in and make it your own and then tag me in it and share with your friends! Let’s all be #BOSUSTRONG.

Show me your balance by standing on one leg today and share it with me on Instagram!


Carrie A Groff
– Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

“Happiness is Barefoot on the Beach!”

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