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Salty or Sweet? Which Do You Crave and Why?

Happy Friday my friends!!

Are you a salty or sweet craver? Would you rather have a handful of salted nuts or a piece of chocolate? Or do you like both?

Sometimes during “that” time of the month I might crave some chocolate, but for the most part I don’t really crave something salty or sweet. Ever since I did my elimination diet a few years ago I don’t crave sweets at all like I used to. Now, when I do have a chocolate craving I just grab a few dark chocolate chips and some goji berries and I’m satisfied.

Cravings usually mean that our body is trying to tell us that something is off-balance and we need to balance it out with the proper nutrition.

Next time you want to grab that cookie or cupcake…stop and think…why am I hungry for this? Am I bored? Am I hungry? Am I tired? Is it something more?

  • Many times when you are craving something…especially something salty…it might mean that you are dehydrated. Drink a big glass of water before you reach for those salted pretzels and see how you feel.
  • Also, if you eat too much “junk” food…you body will actually crave it even more…it’s addicting because your body doesn’t recognize it as nutrition (pretty much because it has none) so your body keeps telling you it needs more…but what it really needs if more nutrition. So fill it up with wholesome nutritious foods and I promise you that you will stop craving those donuts, cakes, pies, pizza, etc…
  • Ladies…this one is for you…sometimes it’s just our hormones. So give into that craving of yours but make it a healthier option.
  • Emotions can get the best of us sometimes…so when you are sad or angry…stop and think before you eat a tub full of ice cream. Write down why you are feeling this way and why you want to eat a tub full of ice cream. Sometimes it’s because we don’t have a job we like, or we need a friend or a loving relationship…whatever it is…write it down so you can deal with your emotions instead of turning to food.
  • Nutritional deficiencies or eating too much of one category of food can also cause you to crave something. If you eat way too many sweets…then you might crave something salty or even meat to balance it out. If you can’t seem to figure out your cravings, then you might want to have your blood work done and check to see if you really do have a nutritional deficiency. Sometimes, all we really need to help balance out our cravings is a high-quality multi-vitamin. – We don’t always eat properly…it’s just a part of living life…so getting the nutrition your body needs through a high-quality multi-vitamin can be a huge help.

Which do you usually crave?

Stay Healthy my Friends!


Carrie A Groff

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