How to Set Up Your Own Home Gym

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You don’t need a ton of equipment to set up your own home gym. I’ve been working out from home since I was a senior in high school (started out doing Tae-Bo DVD’s lol) so I know first-hand that you don’t need much, if anything at all to get in a good workout from home. Here are some recommendations to help you get started or to help you use what you might already have at home hiding under dust bunnies in your basement, garage or attic.

1.Yoga mat: This low-cost purchase can be used for everything from Pilates, yoga, mobility, and tai chi to basic stretching.

Multi-Color Original Yoga Mat 1/4

2.Resistance bands and a set of hand weights: A set of 2-, 5- and 8-pound weights should be adequate to get you started.Xtreme Power Resistance Bands Set

3. Fitness DVDs or streaming classes: Regardless of which route you take, be sure to get a broad selection to help focus on different muscle groups and prevent boredom. Online classes can be free or paid for by the class or in bulk.  Try a few out and see which ones you like best, then add them to your workout calendar to help keep you on track. I love using YouTube for free workouts. You can also find cheap fitness DVDs at yard sales.

4.Treadmill, elliptical trainer or recumbent bicycle: The stationary recumbent bicycle is especially good if you are overweight, dealing with knee or hip issues or looking for a good way to perform high intensity intervals with low injury risk. While these can all be expensive purchases, they are likely to be more cost effective than a gym membership – if you use them! Look for secondhand equipment; just make sure the machine you like runs smoothly and relatively quietly. If cost is prohibitive either way, schedule in time for free cardio: walk up and down any stairs in your home (or elsewhere), and go for a daily walk.

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Stay Healthy & Fit my Friends!


Carrie A Groff

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