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What is Blue Light and is it Harmful?

Ocushield Blue Light Protection Products

This post is sponsored by Ocushield

Blue Light Awareness Day is today, October 10th.

What is blue light? It’s everywhere…even in sunlight…but it’s especially common in all of our digital devices.

Blue light is such a hot topic recently because overexposure to blue 
light is wreaking havoc on our health!  Symptoms of blue light overexposure 
range from blurred vision, dry eyes, and tired eyes, to sleep deprivation, headaches 
and poor performance.  Blue light from our screens has even been found to prematurely age the skin, similar to the sun’s harmful UVA (Ultraviolet) rays. 

Too much time scaring at screens equals too much blue light exposure.

Blue light at night is even worse than during the day. Blue light blocks your melatonin…which is what keeps your body on a good sleep schedule.

Ocushield products were developed to help block the dangerous effects of blue light. Their products are created by Optometrists and are proven to filter out harmful blue light. Because of this, they’ve been registered as a class 1 medical device by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK.

As a personal trainer I still advocate to get up and away from your technical devices at least once an hour if you can and walk around (or at least not look at your screen for 5 minutes). Our bodies love movement and our eyes love looking around at other things as well.

Blue light blocking is critical in the world we live in when EVERYTHING we do is on a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Give your eyes (brain and body) a break by protecting them from harmful blue light.

Have you tried blue light blocking glasses, phone or computer protectors? We just upgraded our phones so my new blue light blocking screen protectors are on their way!

Stay healthy my friends!


Carrie A Groff

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