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Small Daily Habits to Help You Survive the Holiday’s

The holiday’s are approaching quickly and we all love to spend time with family and friends, but our health and fitness goals may start to fall by the wayside.

Here are some simple daily habits that you should do everyday to help you at least maintain your current health and fitness level. We shouldn’t expect to lose weight over the holiday’s and we shouldn’t stress ourselves out by trying to do way too much when we know that we just won’t do it.

Doable daily habits:

  • Going for a walk every day. (even if it’s only 15-30 minutes inside or out)
  • Drinking x amount of water daily. (aim for half your bodyweight or at least 100 ounces) Get yourself a water bottle that you’ll love to carry around with you. I love IceShaker and The Coldest bottles.
  • Getting in veggies at two meals a day.
  • Aiming for protein at every meal.
  • Setting a goal of for how many workouts you’d like to get in for the week, knowing your schedule and commitments, and being realistic about it so you can hit your goal.
  • Getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Not every day will be perfect, but if you can at least hit these simple daily goals you will be right on track to go gungho come New Year’s for those inevitable resolutions that everyone sets.

I recommend using a wellness planner or meal planner or some kind of journal to help you keep track of your daily habits each day. This helps keep you accountable and on track. My favorite planner is the Wellness Planner from Life & Apples.

Stay healthy (and don’t sweat the small stuff) my friends!


Carrie A Groff

PS. Prosource fitness is having a 3 day Halloween Flash sale!! Get 20% off your order. Grab these fun dip bars for a loved one who loves to workout (or do crazy yoga poses on props lol) Not into dip bars? Grab a foam roller, acupressure mat, weighted vest, medicine ball or dumbbells! Gift ideas for everyone!

PSS. If you need more gift ideas…check out my holiday gift guide for the health nut.

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