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National Nutrition Month® and PlateJoy

National Nutrition Month® marks a time to make healthier decisions like paying attention to portion sizes, choosing healthy substitutes for snacks, and reducing food waste. Celebrated every year during the month of March, this campaign grew from a week-long observance to a whole month back in 1980 to help people focus on the importance of eating… Continue reading National Nutrition Month® and PlateJoy

Healthy Tips, Nutrition

Stay On Top of Your Nutritional Needs with PlateJoy

Hello my friends! Life is busy to say the least. With all the demands you have everyday it's hard to stay on track of your diet and finances. ESPECIALLY, if you have a special diet to stay on top of. Whether you're a vegetarian or if you have food allergies, finding affordable and tasty things… Continue reading Stay On Top of Your Nutritional Needs with PlateJoy