Gigabody Fitness!

I’m super excited to be able to review for a full 2 months thanks to the SweatPink Fit Approach Team! ! As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I motivate and inspire healthy and fitness in my community. Many of you know that I only work out at home and I’m doing workout videos from YouTube on a daily basis. Some of my favorite fitness instructors have fantastic free fitness videos on YouTube.

Gigabody offers a growing library of fun & convenient workout videos online, streaming on demand 24/7. Strength, core, cardio, yoga, kickboxing, and more! You can choose workouts by style, instructor or even by training plans! Their mission is simple: “Our mission is to keep you healthy and fit , to help you meet and maintain your goals, and to deliver time-effective workouts to get you going and feeling great.”

Gigabody is $8.99 per month for unlimited access to ALL streaming videos and training plans. No hidden fees or taxes.


Member Benefits & Features:

*Convenient, on-demand access – 24-7 access to videos anywhere you have Internet.

*Professional quality videos – High quality production and instruction. No amateurs here.

*No spam, ads, or distractions – Just clean, curated content.

*Popular styles and new fusions – Your favorite styles, plus new ones for you to test drive.

*Browse, search, or discover by collection – Find your perfect workout in lots of ways.

*Optional training plans – Plans for those who prefer a set workout schedule with expert guidance.

*Workouts for all skill levels – For beginners to athletes. Plus most videos offer modifications for different intensity.

*Tailored recommendations – Recommendations based on your viewing and viewers like you.

*Workouts for all time frames – From minutes to hours. We also specialize in highly efficient workouts (20-45 minutes).

*Favorite videos – Easy shortcut access to your favorite, go-to workouts.

*With or without equipment – Videos are clearly labeled with no equipment, optional, or required equipment.

*Workout stats – See how many workouts you’ve done, and hours logged.

*Ask the Trainer – Q&A access to our expert instructors, for valuable tips & advice.

*Motivational quotes – Quotes to inspire you on every visit, and add your own through our ‘Quips’ feature.

*Ratings & Reviews – See what Gigabody members think about videos before you try them.

*Different instructor styles – Tough, sassy, limber, or spiritual, all of our instructors are inspiring.

I will be trying out a training plan, as I love having a scheduled calendar of workouts to follow. training plans include:

Workout schedules designed by training experts
Calendar view shows you which video(s) to do on which days
Customized advice for particular workouts and periods
Designed to maximize your results with appropriate recovery time
Included with your membership
Start or quit a training plan at any time

I have decided I will be doing the 4 week Fat Burner Challenge – Intermediate Series training plan. This plan will introduce me to more than just one fitness instructor with a variety of workouts! I will be starting on Monday, December 22nd! I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you!

Stay tuned for a follow-up blog post with my review and a free month giveaway to one of my readers!

Have you tried Gigabody or any other type of fitness website that you love? Let me know!


Carrie A Groff
– Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

“Happiness is barefoot on the beach!”

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