#Flavorful Friday: Chocolate Cravings & The Best Paleo Brownies Recipe

The Best Almond Butter Brownies to

I love chocolate. It’s definitely one of my weaknesses, that’s why I’m always searching for healthy chocolate recipes I can make at home. I love dark chocolate the best and I get great pleasure out of making my own chocolates at home. I even have a Pinterest Board dedicated just to my chocolate cravings!

I was recently looking for a healthy brownie recipe to try and found THE BEST brownie recipe ever! So heavenly moist and chocolatey! I found this recipe on

The only thing I changed in the recipe was that I used Kerry Gold Irish Butter instead of Ghee and added mini chocolate chips to the top.


I used my favorite brand of Almond Butter. You could use any type of nut butter and I’m sure these would be just as amazing! “Light Bulb” just went off in my head….Cashew Butter Brownies!! Definitely going to try that one!

FullSizeRender (2)

These did not last very long in our house! Even my husband, who doesn’t eat very many sweets, LOVED THEM!

The thing I love best is that there are only 7 ingredients and they are grain free! I will be making these again very soon! Maybe add some chopped walnuts to the top next time!


Do you have a favorite chocolate recipe you love to share?

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Carrie A Groff
-Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!
“Happiness is Barefoot on the Beach!”

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