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Can Collagen Help with Muscle Growth?

Hello my friends!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I supplement with collagen on a daily basis (as does my husband). I’ve been using collagen for years and more recently started actually making it a consistent supplement in our daily routine. Collagen has lots of health benefits and it’s not just some fad that is going to quickly go away. Collagen is well-known for it’s hair, skin & nails benefits but collagen is also fabulous for muscle growth!

There was a study done in the British Journal of Nutrition where they took 53 men suffering from sarcopenia, which is a loss of muscle mass due to aging. Those 53 men were split up into two groups, one taking collagen supplementation and the other taking a placebo. Those taking the collagen supplement had a significant decrease in fat & increase in lean muscle tissue.

Collagen is actually superior to whey if you are on a low protein diet because it has a higher nitrogen count. So, if you’re following a Keto diet or even intermittent fasting, then collagen is a good supplement to add to your diet.

Why is Collagen Helpful for Muscle Growth?

Collagen is high in glucose & arginine which are building blocks of creatine. Creatine is naturally occuring in your body and is what synthesizes ATP in the very first repetitions of intense activity. (a lot of people purchase creatine supplements to help with muscle growth) So, if you are doing shoulder presses, the first few sets you are using creatine.

Side Note: The older men in this study were also on a strength training program. They weren’t just sitting on the couch 😉

Having the amino acid support in your body will help give you more strength from creatine levels increasing. Creatine leads to more strength which leads to more protein synthesis.

Collagen is also made up of proline & hydroxy-proline, which are natural anti-inflammatories & powerful immune system boosters. On a gram-per-gram basis they are the most powerful amino acids when it comes down to protein synthesis throughout the entire body – meaning — hair, skin, nails, cells & muscle tissue.

Luecine is the top muscle building amino acid. Proline & hyroxy-proline take the weight off of luecine by supporting other things in the body, meaning it helps muscle growth even better.

So, to summarize…if you want lean muscle mass then start adding in collagen to your daily supplement regimen.

More collagen health benefits

Have you started adding collagen to your diet?

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I love adding collagen to my overnight oats, smoothie, or my daily BCAA’s. If you use collagen…what’s your favorite way to use them?

Stay Healthy my Friends! 


Carrie A Groff

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6 thoughts on “Can Collagen Help with Muscle Growth?”

  1. I’ve been using collagen for several months now and I’m pleased to see results. I’m not into supplements really but collagen is really important, as you said and I agree. Thanks for sharing this info.

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