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CBD to Help with Post-Exercise Recovery

CBD is quite popular and it’s being researched more and more. There is a lot of evidence showing that CBD may help with your post-workout recovery.

When we do a tough workout we are breaking down muscle fibers, so they need to recovery so they can grow back leaner and stronger.

CBD helps our muscles recovery by supporting our bodies with exercise-induced inflammation. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory which makes it excellent for reducing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) as well as the post workout “pain” we may feel.

CBD can also help us sleep. Sleep is critical for our bodies to recover, especially from tough workouts.

CBD is also known to help relieve stress by promoting a calming affect. This is good for exercise recovery because our bodies weren’t meant to be under chronic stress. Acute stress, like from a good workout, is good for our bodies, but chronic on-going stress doesn’t allow our bodies to rest and recover.

Here are a few of my favorite CBD products that can help with your exercise recovery:

Have you tried any CBD products for your exercise recovery?

Stay & Healthy my friends!


Carrie A Groff

P.S. For more exercise recovery options, check out ProSource Fitness and try adding in foam rolling, stretching or relaxing on an acupressure mat to further aid your exercise recovery.

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