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Earth Day 2021 Special Deals!

Happy Earth Day 2021! Every day should be earth day in my opinion...I'm always trying to leave less of a footprint here on earth. It's not always easy and I'm far from perfect and know I could be doing a better job at it, but just like changing your healthy habits, it's best to change… Continue reading Earth Day 2021 Special Deals!

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Excited to be an Affiliate for Charlotte’s Web!

As you may have seen, I've been an affiliate and supporter of CBDMEDIC for a while now. I absolutely love their Sport Stick for muscle soreness. Well, now CBDMEDIC has joined with Charlotte's Web, which is an amazing company that manufacturer's some of the best hemp products. So, now you can get all your topicals,… Continue reading Excited to be an Affiliate for Charlotte’s Web!