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Super Smoothies!

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of smoothies. I’ve been making them for years and have one every morning during the week because they are a quick and healthy way for me to jam pack my first meal of the day with fruits and vegetables and be on my way. 

With early morning clients I don’t have much time to make breakfast so a smoothie is my go-to breakfast. I’ve definitely been in a rut lately with my smoothie though. Pretty sure I’ve been drinking the same smoothie for a few years now lol (yep…I’m pretty boring)

BUT… SmoothieBox sent me a box full of pre-packaged smoothies to try and I’m officially out of my rut! #SmoothieBoxFYI

The smoothie packs come well packaged with dry ice so your smoothies won’t be melting! Plus, you can get a tumbler too!

The #SmoothieBox comes with:

  • Cacao (which is super delicious with Peanut Butter Cup Protein mix and a splash of Cold Brew Coffee and a 1 tbsp of peanut butter)
  • Clementine (which is definitely a new fave of mine! I mixed in my Blueberry Muffin protein mix and it’s so refreshing!)
  • Berry (I added raw cacao powder and peanut butter and a banana to this one)
  • Green Apple (super delicious as an afternoon snack!)

Each box contains 4 smoothie flavors each with 5 packs! So you’ve got 1 full month of weekly smoothies all ready for you to just throw in the blender and be on your way.

The smoothies are made with thoughtfully-sourced ingredients, including organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds, and are free from additives and artificial sweeteners.

Check out all those REAL fruits and veggies! (that’s zucchini right there!)

Check them out and save $15 Off + FREE Shipping On Your First SmoothieBox with code

SMOOTHIEFAN15 at through 12/31/21.

Do you like smoothies? 

Would you be up for a fitness and smoothie challenge? (Thinking of putting one together)

Stay Healthy my friends!


Carrie A Groff

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