#FridayFiveWorkout - Total Body HIIT | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

Week 2 – Kamagon Ball HIIT Workout – #FridayFive

#FridayFiveWorkout - Total Body HIIT | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

Happy Friday! This is our week 2 Friday Five Workout sponsored by Hedstrom Fitness and Fitapproach. I’m using the Kamagon Ball in my workout, but if you don’t have one you can use bodyweight only, resistance bands, dumbbells, or even soup cans 🙂 If you would like to get your own Kamagon Ball, which is a fun hydro-inertia fitness tool that adds resistance to your workouts by the movement of water within the ball, you can get one for 25% off with code: SPHF25 at www.hedstromfitness.com/sweatpink. This code is good through 2/28.

Have fun with today’s workout and tag me in your social media posts if you do it!

Note: I made this a fun and fast HIIT workout by using the Tabata Pro timer on my iPad and setting it to 30 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest, 5 sets & 5 rounds with a 30 second recovery in between rounds.

Here are the exercises in order (some shown with modifications or advancements):

Squat Jumps – squat down holding the Kamagon Ball in front of your chest (keep your knees behind your toes) and press into your heels to jump up then land softly back into your squat and keep repeating.

Side Lunges – Step to your one side holding the Kamagon ball in front of your chest, then press firmly into the foot on the side you stepped towards, to push yourself back to standing, then repeat on the other side. Push your butt back when you lunge, hinging at your hips, and keeping your knee behind your toes.

Triceps Extension – I show two variations, the first one is using both arms to hold the Kamagon Ball, keep your elbows pointed towards the ceiling and close by your ears. Lower behind your head then slowly extend them back above your head. Advanced variation you will hold onto the Kamagon handle and let the ball hang behind your wrist and do the exact same movement, just with one arm this time.

Russian Twists – Sit on the floor and keeping your back straight, lean back engaging your core, lift your legs (or keep them on the floor if you are a beginner) and rotate the Kamagon Ball from side to side, touching the floor on each side if you can. Keep your core engaged the whole time and legs lifted. You can look from side to side following the ball or if it makes you dizzy, keep your head straight looking at your knees.

Side Plank – Place your hand directly under your shoulder and either stagger your feet, stack them or more advanced lift the top leg up while holding the Kamagon Ball straight up towards the ceiling. You can also modify by lowering your bottom knee to the floor or if you have wrist problems, do side plank on your forearm.

This is a fun workout that is quick, yet very effective! You’re heart rate will be up and you should be sweating and breathing heavy 🙂 If you need more time between sets change the rest time from 10 seconds to 20 or 30 seconds depending on your fitness level. The next time you come back to this workout lessen the time by 5 seconds.

Stay Healthy my Friends!


Carrie A Groff
Personal Trainer & Wellness Mentor

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