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Balance, Stability & Core Activation with the ActivMotion Bar

Hello my friends! As a SweatPink Ambassador I recently was given the opportunity to test out an ActivMotion Bar. I was super excited because I have always worked out from home and I train all my clients in the comfort of their homes, so I'm always on the lookout for unique fitness tools that I… Continue reading Balance, Stability & Core Activation with the ActivMotion Bar

#FridayFiveWorkout - Total Body HIIT | Healthy, Fit & Barefoot!

Week 2 – Kamagon Ball HIIT Workout – #FridayFive

Happy Friday! This is our week 2 Friday Five Workout sponsored by Hedstrom Fitness and Fitapproach. I'm using the Kamagon Ball in my workout, but if you don't have one you can use bodyweight only, resistance bands, dumbbells, or even soup cans 🙂 If you would like to get your own Kamagon Ball, which is… Continue reading Week 2 – Kamagon Ball HIIT Workout – #FridayFive


#FridayFive – Kamagon Ball Five for Five HIIT Workout

Happy Friday my friends! Today's workout is sponsored by the Kamagon Ball by Hedstrom Fitness. "The Kamagon Ball is the next step in the evolution of fitness. It is the best tool for functional strength training, core, full body workouts and focused training, providing maximum efficiency and results, while being unique, safe and fun to… Continue reading #FridayFive – Kamagon Ball Five for Five HIIT Workout


#MotivationMonday – Me-Mover FIT & Week #3 of #HolidaySweat

It's week 3 of our #HolidaySweat challenge and this week is all about having fun and incorporating fitness into your daily life. One way I get more fitness in every day is with my new Walktop Treadmill Desk, which I'm in love with! I get to walk and work at the same time. I'm super… Continue reading #MotivationMonday – Me-Mover FIT & Week #3 of #HolidaySweat


#MotivationMonday – #BOSUStrong Challenge starts today!

Today starts a new and fun challenge with BOSU and FitApproach. As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I will be sharing the daily prompts and I hope you will join me for each day's new challenge! You will also get a chance to win some awesome new prizes! Starting today's challenge off with this fun Mad… Continue reading #MotivationMonday – #BOSUStrong Challenge starts today!

Product Review

#FlavorfulFriday – Bulu Box Review

Happy Friday! As a #sweatpink ambassador i recently received the opportunity to review a Bulu Box. Bulu box is a subscription service where subscribers receive 4-5 vitamin, supplement, and healthy snack samples to try. Every sample in the Bulu Box is also available in full-size in the Bulu Box store. Bulu Box is the first… Continue reading #FlavorfulFriday – Bulu Box Review


MadLib Monday! #NoExcuses #SweatPink

Today is MadLib Monday and as a #SweatPink Ambassador I'm challenging all of you to give up any and all excuses this year and tell everyone what you're looking forward to most this year! This is all a part of the #SweatPink #NoExcuses challenge. Today's challenge is to do a 30 second plank, in any… Continue reading MadLib Monday! #NoExcuses #SweatPink